•   The video shows how the audience claps because they liked what they just saw or simply people claps to show that they liked something that they are seeing or watching.


  • Slapping someone’s face are just one way of showing anger, disappointment or probably when they find someone being rude.

3. THUMBS UP –     Image

  • Using a thumbs up is like telling that you approves of something or someone.


  • When i cross my legs, I see it as a poise or being conservative.


  • When someone cross his arms, it means that something is wrong or they are simply saying that they are mad or tired.


  • When a girl twirls her hair, it means that they are flirting or interested on someone or something.

7. PITCHING –  Image

  • Baseball is my favorite sport therefore this picture tells you how to pitch in a game.

8. NODDING – Image

  • Nodding is one way of saying yes or when you approve of something.

9. JUMPING – Image

  • When you jump, it means that you are excited or happy about something.

10. DANCING –  Image

  • Im a person who loves to dance, this is a picture of two people dancing.

11. CALL ME – Image

  • When a person does this, it means that they want you to call them.


  • When two people are hugging, it means comfort, love or affection.






  • Tyra banks arguing with disappointment with a model.


  • Angry fat guy yells and shouts because of anger.


  • The video shows a two man crying to show their love towards each other.



2. EMO can-you-keep-a-secret-emo-boys-33452765-774-1032

3. PUNKS images (9)

4.  SEXY  images (10)

5. MUSCULAR images (11)

6. WEAK images (12)


1. JUDGE judge-alex1

2. GANGSTER  images (5)

3. CHEF    images (7)

4. RAPPER  EES_(Namibian_rapper)

5. BUSINESSMAN assessment_lecture_0_standard

6. CLOWN images (6)

7. STRIPPER tila-tequila-stripper-money-thesuitewolrd-1024x681




One Big Scam

It is no hidden truth that the Philippines has always been ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in Asia and even in the world. We have always been accustomed to this fact yet generations have passed and we still are battling with the same major issue: graft and corruption. Political scandals have always revolved with this. Even presidents of the country have been tried for the malversation or illegal use of public funds. The Chief Justice, who is supposed to be steering the nation into justice is also no exception. We keep trying to put an end to corruption yet what we end up doing is ousting people seated in high governmental positions only to replace them with another whom we are not entirely sure will prove to be a more trustworthy public official. And most of the time, the ousting carries with it political motives, and not primarily the best interest of the people.


            One of the biggest issues concerning malversation of public funds have erupted and brought to the knowledge of the Filipino people a little over a month ago that carried with it the name of a Businesswoman: Janet Napoles. This became a wake up call to the Filipino people. Not only was it the most scandalous, it also involved an alarming and astounding amount of money; money that belonged to the Filipino people; money paid by taxpayers, and all Filipinos alike through the value added tax; money that could have been used to  feed a hundred thousand hungry mouths. It angered the Filipino people because that moneywhich belonged to us, faithfully transmitted to the government through our taxes, was supposed to come back to us through public services such as better roads and infrastructures, better governance, better hospitals and schools, better economic standing, etc. Yet what seemingly happens is that we are paying our public officials to buy more cars, build bigger houses, and shop for more extravagant luxuries.


            Thus, proposals to abolish the PDAF or more commonly known as pork barrel are made by citizens and legislators alike. It has been and continues to be a topic of much heated debate. In my opinion, the pork barrel should be removed. In the years that it has been put into legislation, more and more politicians seem to see it as a privilege instead of a responsibility. More and more people who do not know and do not care about genuine public service continue to run for office for the allures of easy money. The pork barrel, to put it easily, is an avenue to easy and fast money. The 1987 constitution, which is the highest law of the land, does not provide for any provision that entitles legislators and public officials to a Priority Development Assistant Fund. Therefore, with legislation, it can easily be abolished the same way it was put into statute or law. Without the PDAF, there would be more transparency in the government. We do not easily shell out money to officials who could easily pocket them and use them for other purposes that would not benefit the public. More importantly, without the PDAF, the allure of wealth could be set apart from evil purposes and away from the intention of running for office to serve and only to serve. The temptation to steal is hard to do away with once you are already in position especially when all it takes is a signature and a few bogus documents, made up public projects or Non-governmental Organization or pretentious charity donations.


            Even in my age, I can say that this pork barrel issue affects me because every time I go home to our province, nothing seems to change. The roads and the infrastructures are the same exactly as I could trace it back to my earliest memory. Auditing the use of the PDAF is not the solution. It is merely a half-baked remedy to an already concurring problem. Abolishing it will only open new possibilities and create numerous changes within our country. We shouldn’t be blind no more, enough with all the different stories related to the scam, what happened is done. Accusing one another in the senate won’t help them return the money that was stolen, what we need is a solution. And with the abolishment of the PDAF, we do not only secure the faithfulness of those running for office, we also take away the root of the temptation that has been causing the immoral act in the first place. 



Does a tragedy have to mean the end is near? For some of us, it is always a choice to give up or fight. Antonio Ramon Alfabeto, a 17 year old boy, managed to begin a whole new lifestyle with great opportunities despite his tragic past.

Growing up

Antonio or Arman is the eldest in the family. Born from a family with parents who always stay out of trouble, Arman has lived a peaceful life. He has a sister and brother whom he finds both very intelligent and lively, he has always seen them more active and they used to being with different people every day. Unlike any other usual set of parents, Arman’s parents are quite very different since his Mother is the one who is working and earning for the family while his father is the one at home, taking care of them. But more than that, he values and treasures his family the most.


Even a family that lives without trouble has their own experiences that test them. Arman’s family was one of those families that were affected during the typhoon,Sendong. Even if their house was completely washed out and nothing left to save, Arman doesn’t consider himself as one of those who were very affected.

 At that night of the tragedy, like everyone was doing, Arman and his family were out celebrating a Christmas party in his mom’s office. When they were about to go home, one of the people told them that it was dangerous for them to go home since the water was getting high and it was hard for them to get through. They decided to spend a night in their Grandmother’s house. By the time that it was safe to go home, they’ve realized how tragic it was when they found their subdivision completely covered with mud and water.

After the tragedy, Arman’s mother saught help from her officemates and from every connection they could think of but instead of receiving and using the donations for their family, they gave it to their neighbors who were also affected. Arman said that their neighbors were much more deserving of the donations since their experiences in tragedy like climbing in a tree just to survive was far more tragic than they’ve experienced.

“We were even lucky to spend our Christmas Party while our neighbors climbed a tree just to survive.” Arman said in vernacular.

Even without nothing left, they still chose to give out donations and help other rather than keeping it to themselves.


Arman’s family was one of those families who were given a chance to permanent house at Xavier Ecoville, one of the projects of Xavier University that helped Sendong survivors who needed a new place to live. They are given a chance to have a house that they could treat as their new homes.

While at Xavier Ecoville, Arman wasn’t one of those teenagers who were active and participative about the activities in Ecoville instead, he just observes and watches on the sidelines. But what made his stay very memorable is when he was given an opportunity that could change his life.



Even after the tragedy, Arman’s school was at stake, having numerous absences and missing a lot of school work. Arman even mentioned how he almost flunked some of his subjects. But with every determination to finish and graduate high school, Arman manage to graduate from his alma matter, Assumption Montessori School.

Arman met a lot of people at Xavier Ecoville who helped him in finding a sponsor for a scholarship. With the help of the Xavier Ecoville management and his mother, Arman applied for several scholarships at XU.

Arman thought that it was easy to apply for a scholarship but then he was wrong since it was tiring for him to go on different offices just to confirm his scholarship, When he finally passed his application forms, he was told to wait for a few days for a confirmation and then he waited.

Days have passed when Arman thought that he needed to check and update the office about his scholarship until weeks came and he thought how it would never be approved.

He was hopeless, until one day, he got a confirmation about his scholarship and how it came with free books and tuition fees. Arman couldn’t express how happy he is to finally be given a big opportunity that he was eager of.

“Hard work pays off” said Arman which his mom who had gone for too many times to the office concerned, just to check on his scholarship.


Arman wasn’t one of those scholars who were pressured by their parents or the grade they should attain. He took Agricultural business Because his mother wanted him to and with this course; he started his College life full of new beginnings.

Arman has not had a difficulty in his schedules or subjects but what bothers him the most is the traveling time between his school to their house, It takes him 1 hour and 30 minutes just to reach XU from Baranggay Lumbia. He also mentioned how he leaves by 6 am and still gets late for school and by the time that he comes home by 8 pm, he always feels tired about it.

“The amount of the traveling time will actually consume the time I actually give for my studies,” said Arman.

A Big Thank You

Even with some difficulty in college, Arman surely won’t waste the opportunity that was given for him to finish his studies.

 “I’ll try my best to not put this opportunity to waste,” said Arman.

He sees this as a debt towards the people that helped him and promised them that he’ll become successful one day and will surely pay them for what they have given for him.

ArmanAlfabeto, who’s been through a tragedy that he sees as a chance to begin a new life for his family and for him to finish and achieve his dreams. Arman also said that his dream was simple,

“To travel the world,” he said with determination.  


Name of Program: M.O.R. University

Station: 91.9

Timeslot: 6-9 PM

Host: Sweet Maricar and Master Popi


About the Host


            The host didn’t object or criticize the opinions or statements of the callers, they may sometimes use jokes or insert some humour on their advices, and they try to clear it by saying their mistakes or misjudgements to the callers as a sign of respect to them. They also try to correct some mistakes of the callers or give opinions that help the audience to learn a lesson regarding the said topic.


About the Topic


            The topic is focusing on the problem of the students which is cutting classes. We all know that this topic is famous within the youngsters and it will also talk about how it shouldn’t be maintained and how students should avoid it. This topic somewhat serves as a propaganda that will help students learn about the disadvantages of cutting classes.


***August 02, 2013


Name of Program: M.O.R. University

Station: 91.9

Timeslot: 6-9 PM

Host: Sweet Maricar and Master Popi


About the Host


            The host limits the complaints of some of the callers since some may be misunderstood by some of the young audience and the hosts seem to have the knowledge of their topic since they try to give professional advices for the complaints of some callers.


About the Topic


            The topic covers the major problems like bullying or vandalizing and some issues within a school. This topic is generally very important to some since a lot of students may have personal experiences from the said topic and the said opinions or advices may be a good effect on some of the complainants and students.


***August 01, 2013


Name of Program: M.O.R. University

Station: 91.9

Timeslot: 6-9 PM

Host: Sweet Maricar and Master Popi


About the Host


            The host has their own biases when it comes to the topic, whether they are on the girls side pr the boys side, you will see how they try to defend each side. They also try to defend it by attacking the opposing team and question them on their own opinions regarding on their topics. But they also try to give both the advantages and disadvantages of both sides rather than sticking to one side only.


About the Topic


            The topic was about romance and young love on school and how it started. Some of them mentioned about their first love or heartbreaks and the room of discussions on both sides of gender seems sensitive to some so they try to defend each of their sides. This topic has created a lot different opinions among the young audiences since Love has been a memorable experience to them.


***July 31, 2013