Once upon a Reality

Assalamu Alaikum.
Yes, I am a Muslim. Some of you might not know that but I am and I’m proud of it.
I was born in Iligan City but was raised in the Middle East.  I have six siblings all born in the Philippines (Local) except for the two girls that were imported. I spent my childhood years in Kuwait City where my 2nd younger sister was born and half of my elementary years in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where our youngest was born. My father is Nasser B. Munder, a lawyer in the Philippine Embassy where he is working to serve and to protect the OFW’s abroad. His work needs him to travel at any embassy in Asia where he was needed. We needed to be with him whenever he was assigned to a different place because he couldn’t just leave us growing without him; he knew that we needed a father. After staying at the Middle East for six years, my father then was assigned to Macau. At that time, we couldn’t just go there because of our studies so my dad left alone, it was the first time we felt his absence and it was the worst feeling. After 4 months of waiting, we decided to go there with my brother and sister sacrificing not having to march in their graduation ceremonies to be with our father, that’s how much we love him. Our stay there served as a vacation for the family since we couldn’t forgo with our studies because there wasn’t any Philippine school there, so my dad just toured us to its neighbor cities, China and Hongkong where the whole family enjoyed.
Finally, my father was then assigned back to the Philippines where we continued our studies and decided to build a home at Cagayan de Oro. We were all happy thinking how close we are to our family; we saw how big our family was with our cousins meeting us one by one. My father has 17 siblings so that explains the BIG in family. We stayed at Cagayan with almost one year adjusting to the things we may not be used to because honestly, it was really different from a private and strict place like Jeddah. Thinking that my father might be permanent in his work here, my mother, Aisha D. Munder, decided to run for Board Member in Marawi, Lanao Del Sur where she won 1st. We were so happy but things then came to worst, my father was just told that he was assigned to work in Abu Dhabi, UAE and as much as we want to go with him, we just couldn’t. Our home, studies and my mom’s work not to mention her obligation to the city were all at stake and my dad just decided that it was better for us to stay and wait for him. Thinking of the last vacation we had as one happy family.
Days, months and years came but my father was still there, far away from us. It was hard to take it all in, waking up every day with no one to drive and fetch you at school and no one to hug whenever you were scared at night. It was hard for a 10 year old girl to be strong enough to face the world without fear without a father. Growing up was never fun for me, it was the worst because as time passed by, even my brothers and sisters has left our home. My elder brother graduated and decided to work at manila while my sister continued her college life there too. My mom then became the busiest person where he travels from here from Marawi to Manila to Abu Dhabi then the cycle continues for the next neither month nor week.  It was the first time for the family take on separate ways. A home that was once full of happiness and love became a house with children like me who needed guidance.
My heart was just broken. How many birthdays were spent alone, how many family days at school was just a day, how many father’s day was celebrated without our father, how many contests and programs I attended should I wish that my parents would come. It was all just one ordinary day for me, it wasn’t special at all. But I couldn’t just think of the sadness every single day, I just had to keep myself busy in school so I decided to join a lot of extra-curricular activities when I was in High school. I tried hard to excel in my studies but it didn’t work out since my sister, Sittie Aina D. Munder (some people think of us as twins because of our names and our appearance but I couldn’t just see it), was handling that. Straight honor student since she was a child and I would never want compete with my own sister so I decided to focus on the said activities. In high school, I was secretary for 3 years and a President in my last year; I was also a Vice-President in our club that same year. I was representative for Elocution for two years where I never was good at when I was in Grade School. And some of it marked as one of the memorable days in my life where I decided to be happy again.
I was in third year when we were told to make a 15 minute movie as our major project in Computer and surprisingly, I was voted as a director. When we were in the making, I couldn’t rely on anyone in our group because of some issues so I decided to be the writer, camerawoman, and the editor of the group (Don’t worry, I wasn’t selfish enough to give them good grades). I tried my best and at the end, my group and movie were told that were in the top 10 movies  that our teacher has chosen to be shown in Cinemagis 2011 where it will be played in SM Cinemas. From this unforgettable experience, I realized a lot of things.
I was in need of love and I was just lost. I wouldn’t want to suffer all my life so I decided to be strong for myself. I gained strength to my friends who accepted me wholeheartedly despite all the differences I have with them. They gave me such inspiration to go further and be happy rather than just stay mad and weak for the rest of my life. They made me feel the happiness I had with my family a long time ago. They reminded me to be stronger for my family. And it’s all thanks to them for making me believe that it wasn’t the end. I was then strong enough to wake up every day, hoping that my family would get back to being the family I grew up for.
My life wasn’t any one of the movies or fairytales I’ve seen or heard. My story wasn’t that happy and interesting that someone will love to hear. It wasn’t the perfect life I wanted. It was a complete mess where I was the only one able to clean it up. I was lost but then I was found and I couldn’t risk to get back loosing myself again. I made my dad as an inspiration rather than being mad to him. I made my family as strength to face all my fears. I made my friends as a family that I’m happy to be with every single day. My life was not any girl’s dream of having but all of this was a girl’s motivation to keep on fighting through life.
Hello, I am Sittie Naisha Dianalan Munder, also known as Bea at home and beashit at twitter and tumblr, a first year student of Bachelor of Science in Development and Communication at an age of sixteen. I’m a Muslim studying in a Jesuit school called Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan. I am just a young studying director directing life to the fullest, a young girl dreaming of having his own movies and stories shown to the world.
 My life was just full of dramatic climaxes but I didn’t dream to have a fairytale, im living hard to have a happy ending.
Dream and be heard. 
Click the image and wait for it.

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