Week #1: Is Development Gender-Biased?

I am not good when it comes to this topics nor I am not any professional to know about these things. My opinions may differ from anybody’s but i know that  i am just stating my own idea in the said issue. Development as they say is now slowly happening in our country even if others can’t see it, we may not hide the fact that there are a lot of changes in our surroundings. Others may not see it because they spend too much time on finding whats wrong on every thing there is in our country.We should try to open our eyes and see how we should be thankful for the things we have now rather than seeing all the things we want to have. If only people will try to see clear, they will see how our country has developed.

There are a lot of things that is happening in our society whether it’s happening on male or female, it could also be the same thing. Development for me, doesn’t choose any gender that it could develop. It’s just asking yourself if the food chooses the person that will eat it. Development never chooses whether it may be a child or a senior citizen, an unemployed or the handicapped or a girl nor a boy. Development does not only happen in an individual person because it happens in a community where people may may benefit from it.

A grown-up woman, a teenage girl nor a small girl may have experience Development because there a lot of things in life that is keep on changing for the better and when you grow up, you can never avoid changes, good or bad. Development in a community has effect on girls since it has programs in which girls benefit from it. There are lot of events like having discounts on beauty products or having a girls only area on MRT. From here, you can see that in a Developing a community, Girls benefit from it.

A matured man, a teenage rebel boy or a little boy can also benefit from development. I can give you the same reasons as what i gave from a girls perspective but the events may differ from the girls. There are certain events like that only men can benefit like having a free training in basketball or having a men only seminars. You could also see how men benefits from development. But some people say that men should benefit more in development because they have more responsibilities in the society but they should think the sacrifices that a girl could also give for the society.

There may be certain events in which people could say that men should benefit more or some may say that women should but everybody has a right to say their opinions. People may have different say on things but we should also see the things that both party could do and not just focus on the party we think is more preferable. Our own gender should not be the main reason why we should choose from both of the party, we should not make it a hindrance in making our community more developed and we should always know that God has created us equally.

We may sometimes think of the disadvantages and advantages of our own gender, we may think that development seems unfair when we hear of things or events that only one can benefit from it. We should not be jealous of the things that other people have but think of the things that we have. Every one of us have experienced their ups and down. Our own destiny does not vary on our gender, some things happen because it is only meant for us. One friend even told me that life is fair because every one of us have thought that life is unfair.

Development doesn’t choose any gender because we may know who could help making development more visible in our community. We couldn’t also know what or who will help it in the future but the only thing we could do is see everyone equally and trust on their capabilities as a citizen of the community. Development is not any future teller that could see the people who should  benefit more because development occurs and happens on all living human beings.

I know some may have a different ideas in this topic and i may not share the same views as them but all of us has different opinions and my opinion shouldn’t give a negative effect on anybody’s. There are a lot of things that differ boys to girls but development was never one of it because development happens to all of us. It is all experienced by everyone whether it has a good or bad effect on us. I may not be a professional who knows everything about development and i may just be a student still learning but i am also a citizen in our country and i have the right to say on what i believe is the truth and i think that Development is not Gender-Biased.


Equally developed.


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