Lesson #1: History of Computers

We tend to say that we know about computers cause its easy and we’re always using it everyday. We boast to everybody how we would have a new computer with advance applocations or softwares but when we ask them about how or what does it differ from any other computers, we just say “dako kayo ang screen bei” “Papspas kau internet” ” or “nay dota bei, murag 3D” or anything close to them. The problem is do we really know something about how it even started, how life became this easy for everyone.

I, myslef does not now all of its history. But i know quite of details since i am learning it since i was in grade 1. I know that computers at first, were used just to count stuffs or as they say, for mathematical uses. From there, A lot of changes and improvements started with different innovators. If you know, you will see how time evolves and made it easy for all of us. As you can see, we can even bring our own computers everywhere or as we called it, our own personal computers or laptop. We even have ipads or macbook now a days and we beg our parents just to have it but do we really want it because of its advance software? Or is it just a thing to boast around our friends? We sometomes flrget the importance of Computers, that’s the major problem going on at our generation. We just don’t care anymore who created the first computer, we just know that we have it in our house and there, it will rot until we have the newest trend again.

I know that knowing the History of Computer wouldn’t change anything from our loint of view. I just know that we should, somehow, give importance to the creators or its creation as well. We all know if it wasn’t for any of them, we’ll still count millions eith our hands or abacas. We should give time to know these things and maybe we woild know how great and important it is the role of its History.


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