Week #3: Elections and its side effects

1. Have you registered for next year´s local elections? Why?
A BIG NO. Honestly, i’m just turning 17 this year so that says that i am still underage.
2. Whether you’re a registered voter or not, will you still vote in the coming elections? Why?
Still, NO. First of all, I know everything about elections here in the Philippines especially in my hometown at Marawi because if you read about mi intro blog, you will know that my mom was part of the Elections and im telling you, it is very stressful and disorderly. Stressful becasue you have to go all of this provinces and do the same all over again which is promote and say things to make people like my mom and we all know that using a white lie wont hurt anyone. Disorderly because people and other politicians just go crazy about it, If you know, you’ll see how fights and scandals will just appear everywhere and whats sad about it is that if the politicians just wanted the position or the money. And from that day on, I swear to myself that i will never want to be involve in such things.

3. Name three major problems that your city/municipality of origin (the place where you registered or where you are from) is facing right now. Explain each problem and how do you think these can be solved? 
One thing that would come to my mind when ill hear about the elections problems is HONESTY. Yes, a CAPITAL AND BOLD LETTER WORD ofHONESTY. Have you ever heard of buying one’s vote? If you don’t then believe me its so true that i get to experience it. Seriously, Politicians will just put on a lot of money just to get the position and do you know where they get the money from? In the Government, that’s for sure. Why cant we all get a simple and peaceful Elections?
Second, CORRUPTION. Can you name me one Politician who doesn’t have a big spacious house with countless cars and doesn’t own a thing with die hard brands?  We all know that’s a no no. Basically, this what really happens. When a Politician win the Elections even with great plans at the city, when a project is given to you, the money will just be split. Wanna know where it goes? The other in the said Project and the other one on their bank accounts. What’s worst is that some of them get it all with nothing left for the project. Some people would just go crazy when they see a bundle of money so they just go for the temptations.
Third, COMMITMENT. Have you ever heard of a politician staying outside of the country not minding the place he/she was elected on? Like really, you’re considered to rule and lead a specific place so why go to the beach and relax? Some will even tour the world and some will get back but not to settle but to get money again then fly again. If i can be one in place of authority, i would just glue (ill use mighty bond) them to their seats just for them to just stay in their specific places.
What i hate about it the most is that they are all the same. All of this wont even happen if the government gets to it. They just sit there and act like there’s nothing happening. Why would they even make this all exist? That’s explain why our country suffer the most.
4. What qualities should the next city/municipality mayor have? Name at least 3 qualities and explain.
What i need about a Politician is the complete opposite of what i have written above. Just that and maybe the place nor the country will start to progress. Maybe we, people could just not be bought about someones money and think about the other days that the money will just fade like the air. Think about the regrets we could get if we could have just chosen the right person we could have voted. Money isn’t everything. We could have some of it and be happy on numbered days or not to have it but earn for it to have some of it everyday. Got my point? I hope you do.
5. Is there hope for your city/municipality to improve and develop? Please explain your answer.
This will be hard to answer. I would likely say no to think about the experiences i had but we all know that nothings impossible especially if we try to change ourselves for the better. Not only to the politicians but to all the voters because we are the voice and we, ourselves, will not be fooled with money but rather think of what will make our country more developed. We shouldn’t just think of ourselves but think of the future of our children and the next generation. We should all be honest and follow our heart that tells us to see the things in the future and not be fooled on our own minds that always thinks about money.
Be wise to vote what’s best for you.

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