Journal #5: Regrets

There are a lot of things that could happen in our lives, it may be life changing or not but it always leave a memory in our minds and hearts. We would not know what will happen to us each day but we should know that our time is too precious to put to waste. We may thought that our everyday lives are simple and  plain, we may be too dependent that we start to think that we have everything controlled and we may take for granted the people who are with us but we would never know what life will take away from us. The documentary film, Backwash, was one of the examples on why we should always value everything we have now before something bad happens.

The typhon Sendong came unexpected to us and to some of us, it was too late. That night, majority of us are having a pre-christmas party and i was one of those. I was with my classmates in my classmate’s house to celebrate even if the weather wasnt good and the continous rain poured. Our moderator warned us about the weather and that we should finish our christmas party early so that we could return to our home safely but then we were not bothered about it because we were excited enough for the party. After the party,  some of our classmates had a hard time going home and our moderator didnt leave us since he was too worried about us going home.

When i arrived at home, i didnt even think of how bad the weather is because i was too tired and the only thing i was thinking was to sleep. When i wake up in the morning, there was no electricity and my phone was about to be dead when i received a text message from my sister who was in manila asking if we were okay since she heard the news that there were a lot of people dead from the typhoon last night. After reading that message, my phone went dead and i was too late to text my friends whom was staying downtown. After reading the message, my mind was filled with thoughts of regrets.

When the electricity went back, i directly went online and asked my classmates if they were okay, hoping that everyone was okay, i was broken to hear that some of our classmates was cannot be reach, houses were damaged and to my surprise, my moderator is in the hospital with his wife and theyre 4 year old son was missing. From that, i wasnt aware that tears was falling from my eyes and i couldnt helpthinking that i was too selfish to have just slept and thought of nothing but resting while others was suffering and fighting to be alive.

Worst things came after, i voluntered and gave donations to the peole in need and in each day that passed, terrible news was spreading. I have never been to funerals since i was 11 and it was the worst thing i could imagine, i was always shivering when i see a dead body and i couldnt help myslef but cry. It was my first time to attend a Christian Funeral when our classmate’s mother and grandmother passed away and when we heard her story, she told us that they died to save my her  life from drowning with them. Hearing that news made me cry and even remembering it now, makes it harder.

This film will both make an impact in our minds and pain in our hearts. Even in the future, we would always turn back to these times on how an uxpected simple night could be so tragic. The film was full of stories that remind us how things will come unexpected and the only thing we could do is make everyday our last and We shouldnt wait for the time that everything will be washed away from us. A simple i love you to our loved ones may seem very corny and annoying but we should know that it would mean everything once they will be gone. We couldnt always turn back time and redo all the time weve wasted but we could always make the best of the time we have now to make great memories to remember in the future.

The thing is we couldnt do everything in our way. If we have the time now to do something for a change, we should. We should stop wasting each second in our life being lazy and depressed about something. If we fail, we shouldnt give up because , mistakes are done for us to be stronger and continue what we have started. We dont do things that are told to us but  make things that makes us happy and not be scared of the trials well encounter. We should not waste our time with things that keep us from strengthening our faith but we should live to be closer to God.

I know that i may sound very .. but i learned and realize how important life could be. If we were in the shoes of the people who lost everything in just one night, we would know how to value life. Were too grateful  to have this second chance given to us and i wouldnt want to fail. Each one of us has a mission and no one but ourselves knows it. We should know what makes us happy, our dreams and goals in life are things we should be starting to work on now. We cant make things wait, it is all in our hands if well act now or regret later. Remember, no ones waiting for you to do anything. Its all going to be on you.

Remember how tragic it is. We don’t want it to happen again.



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