Blog #6: Communicate for the better.


When i was told that we’ll have an immersion. The first thing that came to my mind is that i’ll finally have the time to be close with my other blockmates because since i never had the chance to be with them other than being in the classroom or having the same subjects sometimes. But when i got there, my sudden purpose changed because the people there are so very interesting and adorable. I wanted to do more, rather than being close with my coursemates, i also wanted to have a sudden connection with the people there. I wanted to live like them, keeping it verey simple and humble. I wanted to try living a life with limited resources and still be happy.


The people in Talaandig was very welcoming. Since the time that we got there, Nanay was already there to tell us about their tribe. She told us their way of living and how their tribe have come to different places with their unique culture and traditions. Their inspiring words never fail to amaze me, how their simple way of life is so resourceful even if there is no technology. Their life just made me realize a lot of things, how i missed being in our province and how im being so much happier in our province even without all the city lights. 

Goal directed.

The one thing i noticed about the tribe is their very cultural, the amazing thing about is that even the younger ones knows about it. I remember the datu saying that they don’t need to write their culture in a paper or keep it in records because it is seen in their way of life. I’ve come up with a realization that their goal as a tribe is to preserve and treasure their culture so that they could pass it on to the next generation of their tribe.

Audience Oriented.

I was really impressed by the datu and the leaders of the tribe on how they manage to speak with different people and even with different languages. The datu speaks very impressive the most because he makes sure that his speech and inspiring talks has something to do with the audience, he even mentioned about things related about Development Communication. He even makes sure that the audience relates to the thing he’s talking about.

Interventionist by nature. 

We should really give importance to people who still tries to live and protect our culture.  Our country had a lot of culture and tradition that we should be proud of and the Talaandig tribe is one of them. We should really know that they are the ones that makes Philippine more unique and known. We are known to have a lot of treasures we keep and one of that is our culture. Even if we don’t live the same, we should know that we are children of one culture. Remember what the tribe teaches us,  Be culture conscious. 

Even in our youth, we should know how to contribute something in Cagayan. We shouldn’t blind about whats happening everywhere, we can start even in little things. The things that we have know is nothing without the past, the problem with us is that we tend to say that the past is past and we should move on with things without even taking a look back and from that, we start to become blind with pleasure. There are a lot of things in our Country and City that we should be proud of and to be one of the youth, we should start change and tonstart these changes we should know our purpose to be sble to tell the and to set our goal to be determined to finish all of it. The change of one is the change of many. All these things wouldn’t be possible with Communication. The one thing we should start doing. 

Change to be better. Change to be one. Change to engage.


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