Name of Program: M.O.R. University

Station: 91.9

Timeslot: 6-9 PM

Host: Sweet Maricar and Master Popi


About the Host


            The host are sometimes accepting rumours from their callers and use it as a source and use it as their topic of discussion. The host are also accepting caller that they usually respect but sometimes, use words that might offend or hurt the feelings of the callers but aside from that, they tried to give much information or opinion regarding the said topic or issue that might answer the question of the audiences.


About the Topic


            The Topic is how Filipinos try to give sarcastic answers or replies to other people. Some of the said answers are that, Filipinos are quite known for having humour and smiles on people that’s why a lot of people or students try to give sarcastic answers as a joke to rise the good atmosphere within a classroom or different scenarios. They also mentioned other good information about the said topic to clarify misunderstandings among the youth.


***July 30, 2013


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