Name of Program: M.O.R. University

Station: 91.9

Timeslot: 6-9 PM

Host: Sweet Maricar and Master Popi


About the Host


            The host has their own biases when it comes to the topic, whether they are on the girls side pr the boys side, you will see how they try to defend each side. They also try to defend it by attacking the opposing team and question them on their own opinions regarding on their topics. But they also try to give both the advantages and disadvantages of both sides rather than sticking to one side only.


About the Topic


            The topic was about romance and young love on school and how it started. Some of them mentioned about their first love or heartbreaks and the room of discussions on both sides of gender seems sensitive to some so they try to defend each of their sides. This topic has created a lot different opinions among the young audiences since Love has been a memorable experience to them.


***July 31, 2013


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